The Aftermath

Well it is very clear The Pass wanted more change and we got it.
I can only say THANK YOU to those who have supported me over the last few years.
Politics are there for one thing to move our communities forward, the aftermath of an election leaves behind those who try and don’t make the final hill.
I have no ill feelings I walk away proud of my efforts and we will see what direction we move in the next few years.

More time for my family, friends and golf.stepbystep


“Some Say” “I Say”

The time is near and I keep reading and hearing about how the last 3 years were so terrible for the Crowsnest Pass.
Yet we continue to see improvement and a forward movement out of the past in the Pass.

I can remember just over 3 years ago and how everyone was saying the same thing about the last council, funny how that happens. Some of the incumbents keep thowing out numbers and how all these things have gone up yet they fail to discuss the previous 3 years that brought us to those numbers

Where were the Ratepayers 3 years ago. where were all these long time residents when we needed input on issues that were being discussed. Funny how some have come out now to be saviours yet nothing was wrong 2.5 years ago. Change without pressure and discomfort is not change it is gving in to the routine.
I hope that the residents of the Crowsnest Pass see through all the last minute glory seekers and look at the difficult task at hand and the need for strong and honest council members to keep moving this community forward


Thank You and good luck to all you.



Much has been said with regards to how the current council and administration has spent all of your tax dollars even going as far as saying we have spent more than we have. I would like to share my views on these comments and give you the correct numbers.
Some Say
1. We spent $750,000.00 on a Back hoe
2. We have borrowed so much money we can never repay it for years to come.
3. We have hired so many outsiders that know nothing about the community.
4. Infrastructure and recreation is suffering because we have not paid attention to any of it.

The actual machine we bought was track excavator and a trailer for transporting the new machine at a cost of $245,000.00. These pieces of equipment will provide service to us for the next 7 to 10 years with little cost for repairs. We also purchased a new grader/snow plow at the same time bringing the total purchase that year to $545,000.00 still no where near the reported $750,000. The new snow plow replaced a unit that was of 1978 vintage which had been a pet project of some for years, where we spent countless dollars to rebuild and use sparingly. We finally sold it for less than $5,000 dollars far short of what was spent on it. Life cycle costing and 10 year capital plans are not new forms of management but were not applied here until a few year ago.

We have borrowed minimal amounts of funds over the last 3 years and those funds were used for the upgrade of municipal assets not for extra items. The amount of money borrowed by the municipality is approx. 1.2 million dollars with approx.$ 400,000 of that carried from pre 2010. Our ability to borrow and the limit set under the MGA is approx. 17 million dollars, we have used about 10 % of that limit. Yes we could have reached in there to help offset numerous projects but we did not. The time to use such available funds must be right and the project must stand on it’s own merit, our community needs enhanced recreational and cultural facilities but without a solid plan and a committee that is prepared to work towards that goal we can not look at spending those funds.

The money spent on Consultants and outside professionals has always been a hot topic, yet when decisions are made and projects fail or we are left holding the remains of those projects the amount spent seems small. Projects such as Riverrun and Bridge Gate could have been avoided. This community has always used consultants in one form or another. Engineering firms and their staff fall into that category,certain government agencies and grant applications need to show we have done our due diligence in order to receive funding. Should we just design our own sewage treatment plant or how about tearing down old buildings without even considering what materials are in them.

Our infrastructure is OLD and needs constant attention and upgrading. We have put in place several long term plans to upgrade our sewer and water lines through out the community. Administration has been working with provincial government officials to design and increase our treatment facility in Frank. This has taken 2 years to get to a point where we can proceed and have the funds in place to pay for it. MSI funds has been carried over for the last 3 years and kept in reserve to facilitate this project. No we did not spend every bit of this funding each year. Long term planning and execution requires administration to be proactive not reactive. We have seen in the past the reactive approach to repairs and what impact it has on residents.
This may seem trivial but to those who spend the time to understand what goes into the preparation and execution of these projects can appreciate the work that is invested in making them successful and on budget.

My Decision!

I have spent the last month or so contemplating if I should place my name forward for this election. Over the past 3 years my wife and I have seen the good side and the mediocre side of being a councillor.

After speaking to friends and supporters it was still hanging heavy on my mind. It took the complete support of my wife and her urging to see this through win or lose. Making informed decisions even though they are unpopular to some is difficult and every effort needs to be made to look at all aspects of the results. This process was less than exciting it was more about how to make the majority understand the reasoning and the potential down the road.

I will use this form of media to place more information in the coming days. Please use this avenue as an opportunity for those of you who may have questions or comments. keep them civil and to the point. I will not get into finger pointing  or other candidates profiles.Councillor Saindon

I would much prefer to speak to you in person if possible.

More to come

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cell 403-563-0209